365 Pages: Week 34 (Impressions)

Monday, August 26, 2013

A couple years ago, I did a sketch that I really liked — it wasn’t refined or detailed, but I loved the feeling it evoked, just the impression of a figure and nothing more. I always wanted to do something more with that sketch, but I never did — it always felt like anything I could do would just make it lose that spontaneous impressionistic quality. So I left it as a sketch and moved on.

Now two years later, it wouldn’t have occurred to me to revisit this sketch, except I got sick this week, and couldn’t do a full set of speedpaintings like I’d planned. Instead I had to either:

a) skip this week and make up for it with a 14-page double set next week, or
b) find something quick that I could do all in one day.

Seeing this as an opportunity to revisit the impressionistic style of that sketch from two years ago, I chose option b).

Here are the results!

231 of 365:

232 of 365:

233 of 365:

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